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Marex: On Site Support

Improved Safety

Streamlined Operations

No Cargo Damage

On Site Support Makes The Difference

Marex Services Group

Vessel Charter worked with Marex to supervise the loading of heat exchangers at the Port of Montoir, France in 2019. Because of our on-site supervision, significant damages to the cargo were avoided and operations were redesigned for efficiency and safety.

Identifying Safety Issues

When we arrived, stevedores at the port were moving quickly as loading was happening on a weekend. During our assessment and inspection, we found that their speed was compromising safety. Crucial safety guidelines were being overlooked and putting the crew and cargo at risk. Patrick, a Vessel Charter team member, intervened, paused operations, and devised a safer plan of action.

Preventing Damage and Streamlined Operations

Once operations halted, we worked with the ship’s captain and manager of the stevedores to review and train them on new operating procedures. This included proper procedure for securing, lashing, and anchoring of cargo to insure proper handling and stowage.

Ultimately, this saved significant time and prevented costly cargo damage.

Nothing is as effective as being there as it happens. We deploy ourteam members on-site on your behalf. Having supervision on the ground helps youfind and avoid problems, and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

“The Vessel Charter team helped us catch the details which are only seen from the dock. Without them, damage to cargo and the vessel were highly likely which would have cost us more time and capital. By taking charge of the loading team at the dock, we were able to not only be safer, but also more efficient.”
- Someone Else, Executive Vice President, Marex Services Group

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