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When deciding on a new project or voyage, you need more than rough estimates. We go above traditional standards to provide real estimates and resources, and work with you to ensure your team understands every nuance. 

We leverage our data-set of over 200,000 vessels, and relationships with maritime vendors all over the globe to provide realistic estimates — just as we would for an existing project. In an industry where variable cost is the biggest cost, every cost estimate, vendor, or vessel we include in the report is based on current data.

Gridspan Energy

When Gridspan Energy was considering a project that would keep power generation cargo moving in a constant rotation, they trusted our team to provide a feasibility report.

Comprehensive project planning

Using our unique access to over 40,000 active vessels, we sourced the best potential vessel options for the project and estimated all potential operational costs. We then broke down strengths and weaknesses for each option.

Our project feasibility report included:

Client education and support

To make the most of the report, we sat down with the Gridspan team todiscuss our findings, answer questions, and fill in any knowledge gaps fortheir team.

Nothing is as effective as being there as it happens. We deploy our team members on-site on your behalf. Having supervision on the ground helps you find and avoid problems, and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

“We couldn’t believe the accuracy of the estimates. Vessel Charter’s report and detailed analysis allowed us to determine project viability with confidence in the data that would have taken us months to research with our team.”
- John Smith, Gridspan Energy

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Our boots-on-the-ground approach serves clients globally.
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