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Phase 1: Evaluation and Analysis

First, our team works with you to understand and define your requirements - from a technical, operational, and financial standpoint. This may require market research depending on your requirements, but the ultimate goal of Phase 1 is to define your objectives. This is the most important phase as it sets the trajectory. Open dialogue is paramount.

Phase 2: Data-driven Solutions

Based on the outcome of Phase 1, we appoint someone within our international team of maritime professionals to take lead on generating proposed solutions that answer your requirements. This is accomplished by leveraging our extensive data on vessels and ports as well as local and regional knowledge.

Phase 3: On-site Implementation and Support

Nothing compares to having experienced personnel on the ground when real-time reporting, oversight and recommendations are needed. Whether it's assessing the condition of a vessel prior to a charter or coordination of loading your cargo, our team deploys to location on your behalf to ensure a successful and streamlined operation.

Personalized Partnerships,
Powered by Data

We're a team that puts relationships first and places high importance on truth through data. Our team are leaders in the maritime and technology industry with international perspective and decades of expertise.

Client Stories

Onsite support for Marex

See how our on-site supervision helped Marex avoid significant damage to their cargo through improved operations.

Project feasibility for Gridspan Energy

See how we sourced potential vessel options for Gridspan Energy, and accurately estimated potential operational costs.

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