Rodrigo Tizon


Chartering Manager

Rodrigo Tizon brings extensive operations experience and management experience to our team. As Operations Manager, he works with clients to coordinate resources and ensure projects are executed on schedule, within budget, and as efficiently as possible. Among our clients, he’s best known for his creative problem solving and deep industry expertise.


 helps clients by...

  • As the team manager for onsite support services and operations
  • Making commodity points of origin and destination, monitoring and reporting daily activities of those projects, and communicating progress back to you
  • Sourcing specialized vessels for their projects and supervising all project operations, including trucking, staging, loading, and discharging activities across the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe

Professional background

Prior to Vessel Charter, Rodrigo worked with ExxonMobil for nearly a decade in diverse management and leadership roles, including three years as a wet stock management team. He has also worked in the marine fuel supply industry based on Guatemala’s south coast, supplying fuel to commercial and American military vessels – a complex operation involving the management of government contracts, supply agreements, and detailed logistics for each delivery.

Industry expertise at your service

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